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Elite Sports offers two different models for sports photography, custom and sports portraits.  Typically our clubs choose Custom sports and our rec leagues choose sports portraits, but our Rec Leagues often up grade to our custom sports option. Below we outline the difference.  Our sport specific galleries are all custom and our basic sports portraits are listed under Rec Leagues.


Here’s why coaches and owners are raving about Elite Photography CUSTOM Sports!

  • Quality - our images are professionally lit, edited and custom created.  See our galleries for samples.
  • Speed - because we photograph each athlete individually and then digitally create their team photo… the time it takes to get your athletes finished and back to practice is almost half the time compared to traditional team photos.
  • Unique - These images are completely different from your average sports photos.
  • Professionalism - our systems are effective, quick, and our customer service exceptional.  Your athletes and parents will be treated with the utmost respect for their time and investment.
  • Packages start at $30.

The team images you see in our sport specific galleries were created using this workflow. We feel it provides a dynamic and unique team photograph and also cuts down the time needed to photograph our teams.

Our pricing is competitive to all team packages in the industry so there is no sticker shock to parents. We also offer a variety of industry leading products, such as iPad/iPhone cases, blankets and more. Check out our price list 2015 Custom Sports Order Form.


Here's why our leagues are loving our sports portraits!

  • Quality - our images are professionally lit with professional studio lighting.
  • Organization - our staff are professionals with years of experience providing a fast, simple flow for the entire day.
  • Guaranteed - your parents are guaranteed to be satisfied or they will receive a full refund.
  • Packages start at $20.

Check out our 2015 Sports Portrait Order Form

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